Protesting kings and Ruling servants -A story of Consumers and Corporates

Bhavana Srinivas
3 min readAug 2, 2021

“To enact change in the world, we must protest”

Riots are a thing of the past when societies were ruled by powerful people who forced their whims and fancies over citizens. With zero benevolence and care for the need of ordinary citizens, some ruthless giants relished their power and did everything to keep improving their own lives.

And thus, riots were the answer. Many powerful protests changed many customs, rules, and even the face of the planet.

Despite what school history books tell us, most of the positive changes we enjoy today, are the results of gradual, behavioral changes within all individuals — something our history books forgot to mention.

However, ages passed and now we live in better times. The economy now produces to suit our needs and not according to the whims of producers.

Who are we? CONSUMERS.

And what does that make us? KINGS.

While making lives better for ourselves, somehow we forgot about the planet that sustains us.

However, in recent times the awareness for conserving the environment, and being sustainable gradually started increasing.

But awareness stops helping when we do not take action.

“Come on, Hold the plug card. Let us all march together. Repeat after me. Stop killing the planet; Unethical brands, DOWN DOWN.”

“Uff!! I’m so tired of all the march and protests. Get me a coke with a straw”

Many Green warriors, and environmentalists, although with the planet, at the end of the day, they too end up blaming the government and protesting against the corporates for all the pollution, unsustainable production, animal cruelty, and everything.

Economics has a very simple concept. More the demand, more the supply.

Yelling on the roads against corporates, and placing their products on your shelves, will not change anything.

As long as their products are bought, they won’t think about changing. All our protests will only be blindsided.

“Just one straw,” said 8 billion people. Buying straws, and telling straw makers to stop does not make sense. Right?

You are leading a sustainable lifestyle. You are being eco-friendly. You know what you’re doing and you have a voice.

And that voice should be used for other people. It should be used to inspire change in every individual’s mind.

Your voice is not for yelling against the corporates.

Expecting the world to change the moment you change is a pipe dream. And shaming others for not changing is worse.

When you use your voice and manage to inspire people, you are a success. Now there is a truckload of sustainably living people. Your needs have changed. And the corporates have to change to suit your needs.

Because consumers are kings and corporates are servants. Kings never protest and servants never disobey.

Change your needs. Order it. And you will be obeyed.

But what do we do when sustainable options are far and rare? We have no option but to pick unethical products from a nearby store.

There’s no special tip here. Go the extra mile

If the 1st ever modern-day vegan thought that he was the only one and that there aren’t any vegan options around him, today there wouldn’t be so many vegan food outlets and brands. There would have never been Veganism.

No! The first modern-day vegan did not protest to close beef shops, poultry farms, leather bag shops. She/He just did what they wanted the world to be. And the ripple effect of their action is now globally spread.

Be and do what you want to see in the world

Show, don’t tell.

Be, don’t ask.